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Welcome to Your New Beginning...

You have found yourself at a crossroads in life and as always you have choices to make. I am here to help you make the right choices to mold your lives as you see fit. You see, Destiny, is that which we choose by free will. While Fate, is the consequences or rewards from those choices. I am here to bring back the desired balance, into the lives of my clients. To provide you the clarity to confidently move forward from mentally and emotionally stressful situations, past and present. Was it simply curiosity, are you seeking an intuitive reading to bring clarity to your situation, or do you have a desire to bring about profound changes in your life that you have not been able to manifest on your own, lead you to visiting this site? Either way, I am are here to help. Many of the burdens that you carry knowingly and unknowingly, you no longer need to carry. Let me take them off you! I am look forward to manifesting your desires!

 Why is Redclaw Conjure The BEST choice for meeting all of your Psychic and Magickal needs? RESULTS. Plain and simple. I am not here to offer you rituals or religion. ONLY RESULTS. Yes, there are religious people who can produce magickal results. But,more often than not they allow their indoctrination and dogma to interfere with doing what they have been hired to do. Dogma creates LIMITATIONS, that interfere with the ability to produce what your clients are PAYING you for. . . RESULTS! My power and abilities are natural and MY OWN. I am not reliant upon making offering to various spirits and hoping that they agree to the accomplish the work after I have taken your money. You will not be paying for me to make offerings on your behalf time and time again and hoping for results. This is why I have clients book a consultation. By doing so, we can establish a clear understanding of what you want done and what all must be done to accomplish your desires and a price. If someone gives you a price without a consultation, they are either robbing you or robbing themselves. I assure you. It will be a rare instance, if it is the later.

Thought is the Seed of Manifestation.

Your thoughts have the power to attract or repel various types of energy. This has its Pros and unfortunately... its Cons.


An aura or human energy field is, our first line of defense, it can be seen as a colored emanation said to enclose a human body or any animal or object. In some esoteric positions, the aura is described as a subtle body.


The Chakras are energy centers aligned in an ascending column from the base of our spines to above the tops of our heads. The Chakras are said to vitalize the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical,emotional,spiritual and mental nature.

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I would to speak with you and find out what EXACTLY needs to be done to meet your needs.

About Me

I am a Spiritual Therapist, Life Coach, and Paranormal Specialist
My goal is for you to take responsibility for your energy. With nearly 20 years of Occult studies and practice I have learned several scientific approaches to energy manipulation. Which is commonly referred to as; spell work, energy healing, reiki just to name a few. Being well versed in several magickal systems. I have the knowledge and skills to remove curses and provide tools that protect against spiritual attacks. I am a psychic,
Certified Reiki Master,astrologer and sorcerer.

Our Services

My favorite service to provide are energetic cleanses and chakra balance. We turn skeptics to believers and give people clean slates to work from. But I also provide spirit removal from residences, spellwork, craft enchanted items and provide psychic services.

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