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Healing begins with You…

Change Your Energy. Change Your Life.

Magick is Manifestation Through the Scientific Manipulation of Energy™

About Me

I am a TRIPLE THREAT.  A Healer, a Sorcerer, and an Astrologer.​

I am a TRIPLE THREAT. A Healer, a Sorcerer, and an Astrologer.​

Red Claw Conjure is the name of my business. Dominec is my birth name. I am a Spiritual Advisor, a Healer, a Sorcerer, and an Astrologer.

Well versed in energy manipulation and several magickal systems. I combine my Astrological knowledge, psychic intuition, healing abilities and good old common sense to manifest dynamic changes in the lives of others.

I have the knowledge and skills to remove curses, manifest happiness, love even prosperity. I also provide tools that protect against spiritual attacks.
In short, I use Magick to GET THE JOB DONE, without making you participate or do a bunch of weird ass spooky mumbo jumbo that makes you uncomfortable or afraid.
I turn skeptics to believers and give my clients clean energetic slates to work from.
I also provide spirit removal from residences, spell work, craft enchanted items & provide psychic and astrological services.


I am a Healer, an Occult & Paranormal Specialist, and an Astrologer. Well versed in energy manipulation and several magickal systems.

I am here to help you make the right choices, so YOU can mold your life as you see fit.
Destiny, is that which we choose by free will. Fate, is the consequences or rewards from those choices.

I bring the desired balance and satisfaction into the lives of my clients, creating dynamic change in not only their energy, I address the thought patterns that create the cycles of failure and defeat.

Providing you the clarity to confidently move forward from mentally and emotionally stressful situations, past and present. I am are here to help. I am look forward to manifesting your desires!

Why is Red Claw Conjure The BEST choice for meeting all of your spiritual needs?

Plain and simple. . .

Not sure what you  need?

For many this may be your first time seeking spiritual help for seemingly everyday problems.   A consultation creates the opportunity for you have help evaluating your situation to see if this is the best route for YOU!


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