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Mercury Retrograde traveling through Pisces. This is the time for us to evaluate or reevaluate our deeper emotion connections, our concepts of spirituality, issues of martyrdom, substance abuse, our personal addictions, escapism and victimization. This is the perfect time to cut the ties that bind us to relationships and ‘situation-ships’ that are rooted in emotional manipulation. Those where we take up the flag of the masochist, in order to rescue someone we love from themselves. More often than not, to our own detriment.
These are the situations where we rationalize staying in abusive relationships, reject reality via substance abuse, including alcoholism. I find this to be an extremely difficult time for many clients as, it once was for myself during my personal transformation.
Why so? In reflecting upon our personal escapism and savior complexes we must address our own insecurities, self-worth and the lack thereof. If Pisces, allows us to escape into illustrious delusions. Mercury retrograde in Pisces affords us the opportunity to shatter those delusional thinking and behavioral patterns that perpetuate adverse thinking that hinders true spiritual growth and personal development.
Mercury retrograde traveling through Pisces presents us with the choices of replacing illusory thinking with intuitive thinking. Ask yourself, will you take time and listen to your intuition, or will you continue to be a willful victim of delusional thinking. Welcoming deception from others for the illusion of personal security?
We all have had those instances where our intuition, gut-feeling, guardian angel, or what have you, and even their own deeds have given us insight into the character of others. Yet, we rationalize their behaviors saying to ourselves,” I am a good person, I am a good friend, they wouldn’t misled me or abuse our friendship.” Yet, find ourselves betrayed, let down and finding ways to rationalize the abuse of trust and shower the perpetrator with love in hopes that they will see the error in their ways.
Pisces governs addictive behavior and addiction. As Mercury governs the mind and the retrograde motion provides the us the opportunity for retrospect into the adverse thinking patterns that trigger or loop us into these compromising behaviors and thought processes.
We have the opportunity to evolve from the vague thinker to the intuitive thinker, from the eternal victim to the altruist. It is a choice that we must make.
In making that choice, we must be brave as it calls for personal accountability, the lack of excuses and a will to create the changes in your life necessary to stimulate growth. I tell many clients, ‘ You have to be willing to let go of your burdens to catch your blessings.”
Sometime, our biggest burden is that part of our ego that hinders us from placing the blame where it rightfully belongs . . . in our own laps. Then mustering up the internal strength to do something about it.
Mercury Retrograde traveling through Pisces, provides us with the opportunity to do just that!


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