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Spiritual Therapist, Life Coach, and Paranormal Specialist.

Magick is not just something I do. It is the way I live. Unfortunately, many of the things you have seen on TV, read, and heard about magick are FALSE. The reality is, Magick is Manifestation Through the Scientific Manipulation of Energy™. By no means am I saying you cannot use Magick to achieve some great things. What I am saying is by controlling and manipulating energy you can bring about changes in yourself, others and even your life's circumstances. Magick can bring you love, money, peace of mind. It can free you of bad habits and addiction.
Although I am at a peaceful place of constant growth in my life. It has not always been this way, by far... I am the product of a broken home; my father was murdered when I was five and my mother seemed to find drug abuse as an adequate escape to say the least... although I was an honor student. I found myself entangled in the legal system before I reached the age of 10. Less than Seven years after being introduced to the Juvenile system I found my way out of regular society and into a world inside of a world. For nearly TWO DECADES, I sat in what many would call the abyss. I refused to be broken and escaped through meditation and my studies... The Bible, Quran, Torah, Qabalah, all the great and no so great, Occult authors of the 19th and 20th centuries. I memorized and practiced many rituals. Some worked, and others were frankly BULLSHIT. The most important thing was, I started to take responsibility for my energy... one cannot profess to be powerful if they are perpetually swayed by outside influences.
Nevertheless, I give credit to Magick and meditation, through the implementation thereof. I managed to land on my feet and make it out of the system with my mind and dignity intact.
After seeing that I could draw the things that I desired to me and being able to do this consistently... I first started doing things for family and friends. They begin sending people to me for readings and spells. Word of my abilities begin to travel fast, and I frequented Discount Candle Store in Detroit often. They eventually begin asking me for cards. So, I had cards printed with just my phone number. My clientele grew immensely. People were telling their family members about the RESULTS and the readings they received. I found myself getting texts and calls all day and all times of night. So, I built a website for peace of mind and overall convenience. And here I am today with organized bookings, catering to international and celebrity clientele. I am glad I can give people the advice and solutions they need to live more fruitful and fulfilling lives. The satisfaction and joy in their voices is what keeps me motivated and interested. When people who thought that their situation was hopeless are relived and hopeful, I know that I am doing my part to set the world back on its feet.
I still endeavor to learn more and even when I am not working for others, I am working on myself. I use magick to nurture and heal my soul. As your vibrations increase you evolve and that is the goal... to evolve. Not to escape your humanity but to evolve and allow your soul to witness and experience the greatness thereof.