They aren't simply PETS. . . They are members of the FAMILY.

What some people call their ‘pets', many of us identify as FAMILY. We love and nurture them and in return without complaints they gladly do the same(most of the time lol). Animals are sentient beings. They have thoughts and emotions.  With this being said they can store energy blockages in their auras and chakras which can store adverse energy created by traumatic experiences that are not limited to abuse and neglect. Many of us who adopt and rescue animals recognize this and note they may behave a bit erratically and be extra needy. 

More often than not people make the mistake of disciplining them or punishing them for trying to communicate a need that is not being met. These leads to more problems on a subtler level. That evolves into behavioral issues. Give your fur babies the fresh and fair start they deserve. Allow me to clear their energy and heal them.

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