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Here at Redclaw Conjure, we afford you several opportunities to create the life that you truly desire for yourself and others.

psychic reading from redclaw conjure

This is your one stop shop for all your spiritual needs! If you need insight about your life, people, or yourself, we provide divination through tarot, channeling, and traditional Hakata divination from the Kongo.

Personal energy field


If you need to be freed from negative energy, entities, spirits, or spells,  our Energetic cleanse and Chakra balance is for you! Not only will your aura be cleansed, your chakras will be recharged and you will wake up the next day feeling revitalized, refreshed, and enjoying your renewed clarity!

spells by redclaw conjure

There is no such thing as a one size fits all spell. We provide spells for love, prosperity, employment, protection, legal situations and more. All spell work is done after a consultation. Through a consultation we find the underlying causes of your issue or issues and address them directly. This is how we get you the results that you desire. For example: Buying a love spell candle or a generic love spell is like putting a band-aid on a slit wrist. Even if you do not choose Redclaw Conjure for your spell work. Do not allow anyone to tell you they can fix your situation and give you a price without them having insight or evaluating your situation.

custopm enchanted items by redclae conjure


We create magickal items for our clients that are capable of doing many things. Each item is custom made to work with our clients' personal energy, ancestors, and spirit guides.

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