My Mind, Body and Spirit is Free

@redclaw_conjure is the truth. When we connected my spirit was unsettled, and I was in a bad space dealing with bad spirits from bad people. My aura and chakra cleanse strengthened my mind and I became more aware. I was freed of tight holds, baggage and bondage. I am now truly operating in the spirit realm in real life. I can walk in a room or walk up to a person and feel their energy and know whether or not if they carry bad spirits and bad vibrational frequency’s. As a matter of fact, mofos think twice before they even approach me. I have truly learned physical, mental and emotional Mastery. I no longer allow things to control me nor people and what the they think. My confidence level is at 1000 and I can conquer the world. I am in a constant state of attracting all the good that I deserve and all the good that I desire. I truly realize that all I need is within me now. I have learned that I will be happy every day in spite of my experiences.I understand that things don’t happen by coincidence, that everything is in divine order. We need to understand that if we change our minds and how we think, we can change our lives. Man is a maker of himself. Reinvent yourself. A man who does more than he’s paid, will soon be paid more than he does. I understand the vision for my life creates the disciplines for my life. I tell myself daily I am limitless potential. Thank you Dominec For your wisdom, teachings and caring for others. Ase’

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