I’m spilling my heart in this one..I’ve been following my boy D for some time now and I would always watch his page and just knew something was special about him, well when I finally got in touch with him I’ve come to find out that he was my astrological/elemental brother, a Sagittarius ♐️ a 🔥 sign. Right away we clicked because I could resonate with him. From that point on it’s only been positive, he knew how it was in the beginning for me. He has helped me multiple times when I was in my dark moments and I appreciate him. Just recently he did a healing with me and stated that I would feel a loosening in my gut that would unravel like silk and I BULLSHIT YOU NOT, within minutes as I was moving around the house cleaning I felt a weird but good feeling in my stomach, I was even telling my wife I feel something weird, I had to sit down for a second. It made me drop a tear because of how empowered I felt after. At the end of the day don’t sleep on my guy he gonna take care of you, ain’t no feet to big and that’s a fact. Much love my brother 🏹

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