You’ll feel amazing.

I’ve been in a slump and feeling extremely depressed and lost from it. Redclaw conjure came to me on my birthday and helped me in the most amazing way.
Very simply did he ask me not to drink for 24 hours and to send a picture of myself from the shoulders up (selfie). With that alone he helped me align my chakras and cleanse my auora.
I woke up the next day feeling brand new.. like this weight was lifted off my shoulders, all the negative energy that was weighing me down was gone. I had no reason to entertain the darkness that once weighed me down. This man is the real deal and he’s such a sweet heart so professional and so real. I recomend him to everyone whose looking for these services. I will go to him again and again if I have too.


Just WOW

First of all I have never done anything like this before…I was raised to believe that these practices and services were (of the devil). Recently, I found myself longing and searching for truth & spirituality that I wasn't getting from Jesus. In my studying and searching I was led to RedClawConjure his words resonated with my spirit, his wisdom made sense. / I nervously paid for my first Aura cleanse and Chakra alignment at the beginning of this year ( a birthday gift to myself) —- Now I am crying because so much has happened for me in the past 3 weeks A.) I have reconnected with my elderly mother after three long years of my sister keeping us apart (family drama $$). B.) My sister and I have begun communicating again; she just text me one morning out the blue ( I swear on everything I love…I never thought we would speak again in life) C. I received an apology from this chick that used to BULLY me in high school. (it was bad, like we had to go to court—she got expelled–over 20 years ago) D. After 11 months of being a temporary employee, my paperwork to be full-time has been submitted. #ChangeYourEnergyChangeYourLife is MORE than a slogan or mantra; it is factual truth!



Red Claw Conjure is the truth. This was my second reading with him. First, everything he said in the first reading actually happened and happened quickly. One thing that stuck out was him telling me I will meet a guy whether i liked it or not ( i was not in anyway ready to date or thought of dating anytime soon). My guy came about 3 weeks after my reading. He is the zodiac sign Red Claw said he would be and other details matched. I couldnt be happier. The 2nd reading I just received saved me alot of stress, headache, and financial problems. He is straight to the point and doesn't hold back what spirit wants to deliver. Definitely will be looking to get other services from him as well. Trust, I am very very particular about who reads me and I have no complaints. I have referred him many times, that's how confident i am in his gifts. You wont be sorry!



I received a progressed natal chart reading from Brother Dominic. Brother Dominic gave me insightful information regarding my current obstructions and situations that I have been contemplating. Later that evening, I experienced exactly the type of energies from people that Dominic said I would encounter on my path that day. My reading enabled me to skillfully maneuver in my due diligence and my response to the energies. Thank you RedClawConjure


Healed ~ Happy

I begin my journey with Dominic by receiving a spiritual reading. Everything he said was so spot on that it prompted me to get more services to cleanse & remove any blockages. Then I felt a ton of bricks got lifted off of me and could feel the spiritual work within. Instantly so many great blessing begin to manifest into my life. Things happen just as he said and now I’m just in awe, can’t stop smiling and wish I could go into more details on just how great this man is. I’ve met other spiritual advisors and he is 1 of only 2 people who are most definitely the REAL deal. If you’re looking to really make a change in your life, start with a reading and then begin to remove bad energy or blockages then watch how fast things happen good for you. We only have the present.

Happy Customer

Astrology reading

When I tell you my reading was everything & more . I learn so much & gained better understanding of my direction. I truly appreciate you & I will be moving forward with getting my aura cleanse.


Overflowing in Gratitude

As soon as the work begun, I felt it. I felt the release of blocked energy. It was the most fantastical feeling energy. Things have been amazing every since. I feel lighter. I feel at peace. I feel radiant. My gratitude for everything that has come my way brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Whatever you have going on… you need to book a service and truly change your energy to change your life.

Thank you for your sharing your talents to make a difference in people’s lives. I am thankful that you sent a push my way.


Aura and Chakra Cleanse plus reading

I received my cleanse a couple days ago. I wanted a few days to pass before I spoke on my experience and also so I can grasp the experience. I honestly could feel the exact moment when the cleaning began. I became so transparent, open, and honest to myself about a lot of things. When I woke up the next morning, I literally woke up in tears. I cried like a baby. But tears of joy! I wish I could feel that feeling on a regular. The next couple days are like rehab, a lot of sleeping and a lot of thinking, and a whole lot of purging. Everyday it's something new, a new feeling. I got a reading days later and it just CONFIRMED and helped me notice so much. I was crying then as well. Dominic said ” let it out, you need to cry. Release it so it wont turn into illness” I've noticed that I hold in so much… no more! Please, if you are thinking about getting any services from him…get it! He is such a blessing.


Powerful Aura and Chakra Cleanse

Peace everyone!
It is my pleasure to give my testimonial about the Aura and Chakra Cleanse that Dominec provided for me.
I've been saving for my Aura and Chakra Cleanse, and when Dominec had the special offer for International Women's Day, I knew the time was right!
I have been looking for a home to buy for several years now. I had an idea of where I wanted to be, but prices were too high, or the places needed way too much work. A month ago I found out that I was going to have to move from my current rental home in a bit of a hurry, and I was settling for the idea of just renting again since everything for sale was either out of my price range or required too much fix up.
The very morning after I received my Aura and Chakra Cleanse, I found my soon-to-be new home! That morning I went to look at a listing and everything aligned: it's in area I wanted, at the price point that I wanted, and only requires cosmetic fix up! I made an offer that day, and now I'm just waiting for the closing date!
Also since my Aura and Chakra Cleanse, I've had a new wonderful light feeling! I've been dealing with some nagging self doubt, and that feeling has been lifted.
I absolutely recommend Dominec and the Aura and Chakra Cleanse! Thank you for the service you provide Dominec!


Healing Confirmation

I had a reading and healing session with Dominec, and was blown away. Not only did I receive a reading that gave me confirmation on many levels but also a healing session that left me feeling like the world was mine! I would absolutely recommend RedClaw Conjure!


It's still working!

I had my aura cleanse & chakra balance early January of 2019. I just landed a Great job in city government…I have literally been waiting years now suddenly it has happened! My relationship with my love interest is flourishing. New opportunities continue to present themselves. Additionally, my debts are being strategically eliminated– no need for me to file that bankruptcy I was pondering. This has been an enlightening and divine transformation for me. THANK YOU!


Love Spell

Greatest work ever!!!!! (Love Spell)
So I'm a very hot tempered woman and i had a spat with my significant other that was of the relationship ending type. We hadn't spoke in almost a week. I reached out to Dominic on Wednesday evening. He was professional and honest. He even dealt with my 20 million questions each day. By 48 hours my love was speaking to me again. We have been inseparable the entire weekend. Even before my mate reaching out to me I felt a lot more calm and relaxed. Trust me utilizing Dominec's talents got me exactly what I wanted. Thanks again.


The Truth

It's crazy how long I had been following Dominec on Instagram (@redclaw_conjure). For year I have seen the testimonials from others. I was at the point of no return. I had been tortured by my husbands dealing with this other woman publicly, and that day he says hes leaving and never coming back. I remember it was a Saturday morning. I dragged around the house in depression and disbelief. When I asked him why, he could never answer. It seemed unbelievable so I reached out to Red Claw for a reading. The answer was evident. She had went to someone to dig a hole between us. He hated me. He didn't want to be with me because the work she was doing caused him to feel anxiety around me. When I got the reading and this was mentioned, I remember him saying, “He had no peace here at home”. Red Claw assured me that he would remove whatever it was on him and he would see things much differently. That night my husband was at my door wanting to talk. He said he had missed me and that he was sorry for the pain he had caused. We have been much better ever since. I got results within hours. I am amazed at his power and how fast it works. If you need help call him. I know he prevented me from going through further pain and doing something really stupid.


I am amazed at Dominic's power!

I am amazed at Dominic's power! I came to him for a boost to get things started with my business. I needed a truck for it, a stepvan that typically runs about 15-20k with all the things I needed. After Dominic used his gifts, I ended up finding a truck within a week or so later for $3000. That is unheard of. Needless to say, I purchased the truck and it survived a 14 hour trip back home. I'm so thankful. This was a huge worry for me… wondering how I'd be able to afford this truck and he made it possible. I'll definitely be coming back for more services! Thankful!


Great Astrology Reading 🙌🏽

I had my astrology chart read by Dom and it gave me great insight to Who I Am! The reading was very detailed and very eye opening. For me personally it was more of a reassurance or confirmation that I am on MY right path. I would encourage everyone to take the steps necessary to get in tune with yourself with the many different tools Dom provides! Take responsibility of your energy and get a reading or cleanse, this man knows his stuff!


When It’s Real You Know

Going into my reading I was seeking confirmation, and that’s what was delivered. Immediately he was able to read a certain energy that was lingering minutes before the session started. Opening the reading with him guiding me on something that was not even asked for is why I chose the service in the first place. Furthermore, I was guided on and exposed to an energy that I project. I would have argued tooth and nail against this energy ever existing in my path however he made it crystal clear and even provided guidance on how to correct myself. He went above and beyond and that’s always valued. Much Gratitude and appreciation for Dom and his decision to provide to us such a skill that he does not have to provide. Thank you. Peace.


He’s the truth.

He is excellent at what he does . Thank you for being so real and knowledgeable..❤️


He’s real!!

My daughter was severely beaten day before yesterday. She suffered injuries to her head, back and rib cage. My first thought was to take her to E.R but due to all of the covid cases she opted to stay as far away from the hospital as possible. I offered her some ibuprofen for the pain but she doesn’t like medication. My last resort was to contact Domenic and ask him if there were any home remedies I could put together to help my baby with her injuries. He told me to send him a picture of her. So, I sent him a picture then went downstairs to check on my daughter before going to bed. When I woke up this morning I found my baby in the middle of the floor doing yoga poses and handstands. I was absolutely amazed because last night she could barely stand for me to rub or touch her back and side. I forgot to mention that my daughter also has scoliosis and suffers from mild back pain almost daily. So, I was worried that the beating she received would make it worse for the rest of her life. Thanks to Domenic she feels much better. Thank you. You’re the truth!


Internal Activation

I met Mr. Holmes about 3 years ago and since then my self awareness has been unfolding and increasing by the day. I became aware of my self sabotaging actions and habits as he helped me to shift my thinking and make multiple life altering decisions. I highly recommend services from for those who are seriously interested in bettering themselves and being of greater service to those around you. You don’t find people with beautiful hearts just anywhere. Please bless yourself and see how transformative your experience can be.


My Mind, Body and Spirit is Free

@redclaw_conjure is the truth. When we connected my spirit was unsettled, and I was in a bad space dealing with bad spirits from bad people. My aura and chakra cleanse strengthened my mind and I became more aware. I was freed of tight holds, baggage and bondage. I am now truly operating in the spirit realm in real life. I can walk in a room or walk up to a person and feel their energy and know whether or not if they carry bad spirits and bad vibrational frequency’s. As a matter of fact, mofos think twice before they even approach me. I have truly learned physical, mental and emotional Mastery. I no longer allow things to control me nor people and what the they think. My confidence level is at 1000 and I can conquer the world. I am in a constant state of attracting all the good that I deserve and all the good that I desire. I truly realize that all I need is within me now. I have learned that I will be happy every day in spite of my experiences.I understand that things don’t happen by coincidence, that everything is in divine order. We need to understand that if we change our minds and how we think, we can change our lives. Man is a maker of himself. Reinvent yourself. A man who does more than he’s paid, will soon be paid more than he does. I understand the vision for my life creates the disciplines for my life. I tell myself daily I am limitless potential. Thank you Dominec For your wisdom, teachings and caring for others. Ase’

Victoria Mclemore


Dominec has helped me when times were very very rough and low and when I felt completely hopeless and empty He helped me find myself and helped guided me to become a greater person and my true self and also helped my grandmother with ankle and foot problems she has struggled with pain with for years and and has no longer pain their in a short period of time. When I first talked to Redclaw I was very hopeless and dead Mentally/emotionally And spiritual broken but he helped me get out myself back together and was a Major huge support so you can become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. Thank you Redclaw for all you have helped me with mom my life. I am truly appreciative and grateful my ANCESTORS and the ANCIENT GODS put you in my life journey


Real deal

This guy is the real deal. He helped me when nobody had answers and i referred him to a friend and he came thru for her in a major way too. You tell him the problem and He tells you whats wrong and fixes it. Point blank period He's the real.


Path Clearing Spell

After the obstacle removal spell I feel my energy field is way more flowing and energized than before! I feel like I am once again more connected to the people around me that I was having minor emotional conflicts with and I realize that after the path clearing spell I am more conscious of what and how I must control my own energy, actions and thought forms. I definitely feel aligned, aware and ready to keep it pushing and do the necessary work to live in my purpose! Thanks so much Dom!


Refreshing spell work

So I’ve received an obstacle removal spell from Dom and in about 10-15 mins I started to feel like my body and mind was clearing up. From what, I wasn’t exactly sure. But it felt great like I was high but I wasn’t. My mind felt so clear, nothing but positive vibes running through my entire being. I felt a sense of accomplishment, like I just got a new job or something. My soul felt bigger, like it just woke up from resting. I felt renewed and refreshed. I would recommend to any and everyone who feels unbalanced internally or low energetically. I love this man, not because of what he can do for me but because he dedicated his life to spreading awareness and teaching our people to liberate themselves from the inside out.

Andrew Simmons


I’m spilling my heart in this one..I’ve been following my boy D for some time now and I would always watch his page and just knew something was special about him, well when I finally got in touch with him I’ve come to find out that he was my astrological/elemental brother, a Sagittarius ♐️ a 🔥 sign. Right away we clicked because I could resonate with him. From that point on it’s only been positive, he knew how it was in the beginning for me. He has helped me multiple times when I was in my dark moments and I appreciate him. Just recently he did a healing with me and stated that I would feel a loosening in my gut that would unravel like silk and I BULLSHIT YOU NOT, within minutes as I was moving around the house cleaning I felt a weird but good feeling in my stomach, I was even telling my wife I feel something weird, I had to sit down for a second. It made me drop a tear because of how empowered I felt after. At the end of the day don’t sleep on my guy he gonna take care of you, ain’t no feet to big and that’s a fact. Much love my brother 🏹


Left speechless!

I got a general reading from Dominic and WOW!! The reading left me speechless almost as soon as we began. He is straight to the point and gets answers fast! I've done readings in the past and he is by far the most accurate and encouraging! I'll be recommending to EVERYONE who is willing to listen. I'm so grateful to have found Dominic and can't wait to get more work done!



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